The Small Petrochemical Energy Efficiency Program (SPEEP) provides energy efficiency services and strategic energy management support to PG&E customers in the refinery and petrochemical sector. SPEEP targets petrochemical processing and manufacturing facilities throughout PG&E territory, as well as small refineries outside of the San Francisco Bay area. SPEEP offers project identification, project planning and technical assistance services to program participants using a Strategic Energy Management Planning (SEMP) framework. The SEMP framework provides a structured approach to planning, implementing and tracking energy projects, and supports customers with aligning business processes and practices with energy and cost reduction goals. SPEEP supports continuous improvement in the productivity and energy efficiency of refinery and petrochemical customers. SPEEP and SPEEP staff can support participating customers in the following ways:

  • Perform facility assessments to identify and inventory viable energy efficiency projects eligible for PG&E incentives
  • Support internal capital funding request justifications for energy efficiency upgrades
  • Manage the incentive estimation and PG&E incentive pre-approval process
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce energy cost
  • Achieve measurable reductions in GHG emissions
  • Provide experts in energy efficiency within the chemical processing and manufacturing environment
  • Support development of a longer-term Strategic Energy Management Plan to facilitate capital allocations and utility incentive support


SPEEP program services are provided at no cost to participating facilities. SPEEP provides comprehensive energy management services to program customers. SPEEP helps participants find, analyze, install and get incentives for energy efficiency projects. SPEEP services include:

  • Strategic energy management planning
  • Identification and assessment of energy projects
  • Engineering technical assistance for energy project development
  • Energy savings estimation and verification
  • Incentive application and management
  • Assistance in identifying and evaluating project financing options