Program staff will work with each customer to complete all phases of a project. There are two ways to participate:

Business Rebates

PG&E rebates are available for standardized energy efficiency measures and offer a fixed $ amount-per-unit for common Lighting, HVAC, Boilers and Water Heating and Refrigeration measures. The Process is simple and (unlike customized incentives) does not require PG&E preapproval before ordering and installing equipment

  • APTIM helps identify if a rebate exists for any identified project
  • APTIM completes a rebate application for customer to sign
  • You purchase and install equipment that meets technical specifications required on the equipment rebate forms
  • You provide itemized invoice and specification sheets to APTIM
  • APTIM submits package to PG&E
  • APTIM provides you the rebate check

Incentives (pay for performance)

Customized incentives are available for qualifying energy efficiency project measures that are not available through the rebate offering:

  • Unique or complex project(s), or do not have an applicable rebate
  • Final incentive amount is based on verified installed annual energy savings, and covers maximum 50% of project cost
  • APTIM ensures project meets program policies
  • APTIM helps you fill out the Incentive application
  • APTIM performs site visit and project investigation
  • APTIM documents existing equipment and takes notes/pictures for energy calculations
  • APTIM completes energy savings calculations, incentive estimation and report
  • APTIM submits package to PG&E and CPUC to approve
  • Project must be approved by PG&E before customer orders, purchases or installs equipment or the project will be deemed ineligible for incentives
  • Once equipment is installed and operating, APTIM performs the post-installation visit and provides verified calculation of savings. APTIM issues incentive check